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[The belt and road] Hu Zhibiao, chairman of DM in Belarus

On November 8,  Hu Zhibiao, chairman of Daoming optics Co., Ltd., came to China Belarus Industrial Park for investigation during his business trip in Belarus, and was warmly welcomed by Lv Genyong, chairman of the board and Lv Hongfeng, general manager from Yongkang Hongfu Trading Co., Ltd.

Entering the park, Zhejiang Yongkang Hongfu industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is in a tight and orderly construction of Hongfu factory, which covers an area of 40000 square meters in Zhongbai Industrial Park. A production line with an annual output of 12 million fins is about to be completed. As the only Zhejiang private enterprise settled in the park, chairman LV gengyong recalled in detail to the visiting guests the scene that Wang Qishan, vice president of the state, visited Belarus Zhongbai Industrial Park in 2018 to meet the person in charge of the settled enterprise: LV gengyong said that Wang Qishan's blessing to the settled enterprise when he left made him feel honored. This kind of concern for the private enterprise and affirmation of the spirit of Zhejiang merchants made him feel honored The development blueprint in my mind is more clear. In the future, Zhejiang Yongkang Hongfu industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will be based on the Zhongbai Industrial Park and look to the European market. After the completion of the plant, new automation equipment will be purchased, new aluminum alloy materials will be introduced, and new production processes will be used to extend the product chain to the high end and enter the EU market. Hu Zhibiao, chairman of the board of directors, deeply agrees with this. In recent years, in foreign markets, dominion optics has actively implemented the "going global" strategy, and established sales subsidiaries in Brazil, India, South Korea, Pakistan and other regions to achieve localized services, meet customer customization needs, and improve sales performance. The company has increasingly close cooperation with overseas distributors The company's ability to expand its overseas market has been further improved.

During the inspection, the senior management of the two enterprises also exchanged in-depth experience in product innovation, R & D and management, and jointly discussed the development concept and management ideas of the enterprise.

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