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Company Introduction

In June 2002, in 2011 in Shenzhen small and medium-sized board listed on the board, registered capital of 626 million yuan, is a professional engaged in the research, development, production and sales of a variety of functional films, polymer synthetic materials of the national high-tech enterprises, has now formed reflective materials as the main industry, optical and electronic materials business as the core, other functional polymer materials as the extension of the industrial pattern, is currently the world's leading reflective materials production listed enterprises, but also China's complete product series, advanced technical level, A leader in the new materials industry with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities.
In 2013, based on the research results and accumulation in the fields of precision coating, composite technology, micro-nano replication and transfer technology, we invested in the construction of micro-nano prism-type reflective materials and lithium-ion battery packaging materials production lines. In 2016, based on the micro-nano structure design and preparation technology developed and precipitated by the production of micro-nano prism reflective materials, Changzhou Huawei New Materials was acquired to produce liquid crystal display micro-nano structure optical materials and die-cut components, and entered the field of optical display materials. In 2019, based on the mature extrusion and calendering technology developed in the production of core raw materials in the reflective market, we invested in the construction of PC/PMMA optical-grade composite film and sheet production lines, and entered the field of electronic functional materials
"The road is long, and I will seek it up and down." With the technical reserve and strategic development plan, DM Optics' main business has been adjusted to several major sectors such as reflective materials, micro-nano optical functional materials, new energy materials, electronic functional materials, etc., and will actively expand in the fields of key materials for flexible display, thermal conductive materials, transparent conductive films and other new optoelectronic materials, new energy materials, and gradually build itself into a global comprehensive functional film manufacturer with strong innovation ability, rich products, excellent quality and excellent brand, and help the Chinese dream with practical actions.

"DM" is the original brand logo of DM Optics Inc. and has an original brand trademark registration certificate. After 18 years of development, it has become the vanguard of domestic reflective material substitution, synonymous with comprehensive functional film materials, the main business is reflective materials-based functional film research and development, design and production, the main products include various specifications, grades of reflective film, reflective cloth and reflective film and reflective cloth as raw materials manufacturing reflective clothing, reflective products, as well as lithium battery flexible packaging film, LCD multi-functional composite brightening film coil, optical film sheet and quantum dot film and other functional film products.

In recent years, the company continues to expand the product structure positioning, the industrial scale continues to grow, the industrial chain continues to extend, the industrial system continues to improve, the industrial structure continues to improve, the company from a single reflective material manufacturer to a comprehensive functional film material production enterprise, and has been involved in microprism film, lithium battery flexible packaging film,

Multi-functional film fields such as multi-functional composite brightening film coils, optical film sheets, and quantum dot films. DM will closely build a full-range and clustered security protection product cluster based on "reflective materials" to provide customers with one-stop solutions for safety protection, create a broader business platform for marketing partners, and achieve harmonious development of enterprises and society.

In 2016, DM's first-generation national standard film was fully launched on the market, so far, DM's microprism-type reflective film has formed a full range of products from the second to the seventh category of mass production, achieving full coverage of personal safety protection, vehicle safety protection and traffic safety protection; Breaking the long-term blockade of foreign countries in terms of technology, process and materials, truly mastering the core technologies of microshuttle mirror reflective film from master mold optical design to master mold ultra-precision cutting and ultra-precision copy, from working mold tape ultra-precision splicing to precision copying on the film, etc., has obtained more than 30 patented technologies, truly has the ability of large-scale independent production, and realizes the serialization and scale of microprism reflective film, and the related technology has reached the domestic first-class and world-leading level. And obtained the first batch of product mark Zhejiang manufacturing certification, becoming the first professional production enterprise in China to truly realize full independent intellectual property rights and mass production.

At present, DM Optics has 10 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 5 shareholding companies, and 8 domestic and overseas holding subsidiaries, mainly reflective materials and upstream and downstream industries, and expanding to new materials, new energy, mobile medical, industrial real estate and other industries, gradually forming a diversified industrial structure, and will rely on the resources and strength of listed companies, gradually transform from product model to platform model, and can provide customers with complete solutions and one-stop product portfolio supply chain supporting services.

Looking forward to the future, DM is full of confidence, the company will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "integrity and innovation", through technological progress and management innovation, and strengthen the corporate brand image, grow into a modern enterprise with continuous innovation spirit, keep pace with the world peers and times, and look forward to a win-win future with partners.

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