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New functional thin film materials such as display optical films, PMMA composite films, graphene films, etc

Consumer Electronics Application of Class Materials
Application of Consumer Electronics Materials 2

PC thin films have good optical purity, optical conductivity, and resistance to yellowing. In addition to liquid crystal displays, they can also be used in optical lens fields such as cameras, microscopes, telescopes, and optical testing instruments. PC products processed through composite and other functionalization, such as double-layer composite film, optical grade PC film, light guide film, flame retardant PC film, and other series of products, can be applied to automotive dashboard, signs, display screens and other components.

Daoming Optics has accumulated rich production experience in the field of functional films, with products covering polycarbonate (PC) films and PC/PMMA composite boards, which can meet market application needs. At present, the two production lines of the company's PC/PMMA composite film have been installed and debugged, and the PC/PMMA composite board used for mobile phone back covers is being widely used in first tier domestic brands.

Application of Consumer Electronics Materials 1

With the gradual application of foldable mobile phones, graphene heat dissipation film has become an ideal heat dissipation material for foldable screen phones due to its excellent flexibility and resistance to bending (bending times>400000 times), which has gradually been recognized by end-users. Through independent research and development of core technologies and unique processes, Daoming Superconductor has become a manufacturer of high-performance graphene thermal conductive films for coil to coil. The products produced have high thermal conductivity and good flexibility, making them suitable for 5G communication devices, smartphones, laptops and other fields.

At present, Daoming Superconducting Graphene Heat Sinks have been successfully applied in Nubia Red Magic 8S Pro, 8/8pro/8pro+, Z50 models of mobile phones, Huawei Watch Watch 4 Pro, as well as brand products such as Robo&Kala and Lenovo.