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Traffic Engineering

The rotating president unit of the Reflective Materials Branch of the China Communications Enterprise Association

Traffic Engineering Application of Class Materials
Application of Transportation Engineering Materials 4

The micro prism products produced by Daoming Optics have achieved first-class performance in China and a leading level in the world, and are widely used in various traffic scenarios such as urban roads, highways, national and provincial roads, tourist areas, and municipal roads.

Application of Transportation Engineering Materials 3

DM Digital Printing Center is a new type of technology center developed by Daoming Optics Co., Ltd. under the "Made in China 2025" planning outline, relying on the competitive advantage of DM brand reflective material technology, guided by helping to build a smart city, combined with independently developed printing equipment, integrating research and development and production. The DM Digital Printing Technology Center aims to provide customers with a one-stop personalized traffic sign solution.

Application of Transportation Engineering Materials 2

The Daoming Optical Signage Production Center was established in 2015 and currently provides one-step services for sign design, production, transportation, installation, and maintenance, effectively changing the current "small, scattered, and chaotic" pattern of traffic sign production enterprises.

Application of Transportation Engineering Materials 1

As a national high-tech enterprise that integrates product research and development, design, production, and sales of reflective materials, Daoming Optics has fully formed a one-stop traffic safety protection system, including a series of road safety protection products such as traffic signs, anti-collision buckets, and road cones.