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One of the few domestic enterprises capable of mass producing aluminum-plastic films

New Energy Application of Class Materials
Application of New Energy Materials 1

Aluminum plastic composite film is one of the main key materials for soft pack lithium batteries. Compared with traditional steel and aluminum shell batteries, it has the advantages of good safety performance, light weight, and high energy density per unit volume. It is gradually becoming the mainstream of the market and is widely used in fields such as digital, power, and energy storage.

The aluminum-plastic composite film used in the company's soft pack lithium battery adopts advanced dry production technology and is surface treated with more environmentally friendly chromium free treatment agents. It has good electrolyte stability, stamping formability, puncture resistance, insulation, and environmental performance. All performance indicators meet or exceed the recognized technical performance requirements in the industry, and can be replaced by similar foreign products, It is one of the few enterprises in China that can mass produce aluminum-plastic films.

The company, relying on its own advantages, invested in and completed the construction of a new 35 million square meter aluminum-plastic composite film production line project for lithium-ion batteries in 2021, with certain production capacity strength. With the layout and expansion of the enterprise in the consumer electronics market, it has established long-term cooperative relationships with multiple well-known domestic lithium battery enterprises and product terminal manufacturers, further promoting the import substitution of soft pack aluminum-plastic composite films at the same level.