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Project Seven of the National Road Traffic Safety Science and Technology Action Plan, the only participating enterprise in the country

Protection Application of Class Materials
Application of Personal Protective Materials 4

Daming Optics has specially customized and developed special executive clothes for traffic police on duty to ensure the rain proof and night reflective safety protection functions during sudden rainstorm. Considering that the ventilation effect of traditional raincoats is generally poor, we have reformed the traditional reflective raincoat fabric to make it more breathable, less shrinkage, and more comfortable. Not only is it breathable and moisture wicking, but it also performs particularly well in terms of antibacterial properties; At the same time, the traffic police execution suit adopts the company's latest micro prism technology, which has better reflective effect, making it more comfortable for traffic police to work during the day and safer during night.

Application of Personal Protective Materials 3

In addition to police reflective raincoats, duty traffic police officers can also wear lightweight reflective vests for safety protection on non rainy days; Traffic police officers can wear it at the scene of a traffic accident, or when on duty in foggy weather or at night, to improve their visibility and ensure personal safety. It is lighter and more comfortable.

The police reflective vest is a must-have for duty, and our company uses a brand new micro prism aluminum based fully sealed reflective tape. Both the retroreflective coefficient and weather resistance comply with the Public Security GA/T1045-2012 "Road Traffic Accident Scene Protective Clothing" standard.

Application of Personal Protective Materials 2

The first domestic manufacturer to master the production process of one-time molding coating, directly coating with fluorescent pigment after coating, directly compounding with flame retardant fabric base, with a smooth surface and good washing effect.

Application of Personal Protective Materials 1

Maritime film is a product specially designed and developed for maritime life-saving equipment, which can significantly improve the visibility of objects or wearers in environments with poor visibility at night, greatly increasing the success rate of search and rescue for drowning personnel. It has been widely used in various maritime life-saving equipment. Daoming Optical Maritime Film has a high recognition among professional manufacturers of life-saving equipment in China, breaking the monopoly of imported products in the maritime life-saving industry. The products are exported to 19 countries including Japan, South Korea, Greece, Norway, etc.

Daoming Maritime Membrane has the qualification to be used in global waters, and is also the only product in China that has multiple certifications including CCS, SOLAS, and USCG. It is the only maritime membrane product in Asia that has been certified by the US Coast Guard USCG (recognized and recommended for use by countries and international organizations that have signed the SOLAS Convention on Life Saving at Sea).