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Supplier of specialized identification materials for rescue vehicles of the Emergency Management Department

Automotive Supplies Application of Class Materials
Application of Automotive Materials 4

Emergency rescue measures are essential during driving. As the designated supplier of reflective markings for emergency vehicles, Daoming produces reflective markings for emergency vehicles, such as the micro prism type national standard first level vehicle reflective marking DM9550 and national standard second level vehicle reflective marking DM9510. These products should be used for all emergency firefighting vehicles in China. They use a high weather resistant surface layer molded, aluminum plated, and have a quadrilateral pattern printed inside. They have excellent anti reflection performance, water seepage, and anti delamination.

Application of Automotive Materials 3

As a supplier of specialized identification materials for rescue vehicles under the Ministry of Emergency Management, Daoming Optics has undertaken the renovation work of the national comprehensive fire and rescue vehicle appearance standard coating standards in 80% of the country's provinces.

Application of Automotive Materials 2

The details showcase the charm of the city and the characteristics of the times. As a supplier of motor vehicle license plates in Hangzhou, Daoming Optics can provide a one-stop personalized pass and its supporting product customization solution.

Application of Automotive Materials 1

Fluorescent yellow green reflective film is suitable for various police motorcycles and related activity vehicles, with higher brightness. It can effectively serve as a warning and prevent accidents from occurring.