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The application of reflective materials in firefighting suits
Source:Daoming Time:2023-11-29 Category:Industry Dynamics Reading:137

Firefighting and firefighting work is one of the most selfless and fearless professions in the world today. No matter how dangerous the working environment is, firefighters must rush into the fire scene without hesitation, leaving safety for others and danger for themselves. Therefore, it is particularly important to adapt to firefighting and rescue activities on the fire scene. Firefighting uniforms have become one of the most basic and important equipment to protect the safety of frontline firefighters


Firefighters usually work in high temperature fire environments, and the radiation heat from the fire can burn the human body. If the heat in the fire exceeds the normal physiological capacity of the human body, it can cause varying degrees of harm to people, and in severe cases, it can lead to death. Firefighters need to protect their own safety in such a dangerous environment. They not only need to wear protective equipment such as head, hands, feet, and respiratory tract, but also must wear protective clothing.

The basic requirements for fire protection clothing are flame retardant, thermal insulation, and high temperature resistance. In addition, smoke is pervasive at the scene of a fire, and visibility is low. Improving the visibility of firefighters is also extremely important. Therefore, firefighters usually have reflective identification tapes on their protective clothing, as well as on their hats or helmets. This can ensure that firefighters have good visibility in low light conditions. Reflective tape is usually sewn on the top, sleeves, and pants of protective clothing. The position of the reflective tape ensures that the wearer can be seen in a 360 ° direction. This reflective strip has a significant reflective function when exposed to light at night or in dimly lit environments, producing a striking effect and improving the visibility of the wearer. It enables personnel in the light source to detect targets in a timely manner, effectively avoiding accidents and ensuring the safety of the most beautiful reverse walker.


Daoming Optics provides various types of flame retardant reflective materials: bright silver flame retardant reflective fabric, all cotton fluorescent yellow flame retardant warning tape, all cotton fluorescent red flame retardant warning tape, aramid silver flame retardant reflective fabric, and fluorescent yellow flame retardant reflective fabric

Aramid fluorescent yellow flame retardant warning tape, aramid fluorescent red flame retardant warning tape, etc., can be sewn and processed, and have the protective effect of fire prevention, high temperature resistance, and safety warning! No carbonization occurs within 5 minutes at a high temperature of 180 degrees, suitable for high standard operation fields such as fire protection, electrical engineering, and transportation equipment.


In many situations such as fires and emergency rescue, different firefighting suits have played different roles, and it is precisely these firefighting suits that make firefighters' firefighting and rescue work safer. Pay attention to fire protection, prioritize life!