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Everyone has read it and collected it. One picture reveals the process of making traffic signs
Source:Daoming Time:2023-11-29 Category:Industry Dynamics Reading:129

Traffic signs are commonly used in our daily lives and are closely related to everyone's daily life and travel. They are often used for road traffic guidance. The production of traffic signs and signs, whether in terms of production technology or product quality, has high industry requirements and standards, which are eye-catching, standardized, and convenient. Only in this way can the application of traffic signs and signs be better played. Whether it is day or night, it can remind pedestrians and guide vehicles to drive according to regulations.




Production method

01 Material cutting

According to the requirements of the drawings, the production of columns, layout, and columns shall use national standard steel pipes. Welding shall be carried out on columns that are not longer than the design length, and aluminum plates shall be cut.

02 Apply base film

According to the design and specification requirements, stick the bottom film on the cut aluminum plate. Warning signs are yellow, prohibition signs are white, indicator signs are white, and directional signs are blue.

03 Engraving

Professional personnel use a computer and a engraving machine to engrave the required text.

04 Labeling

On the aluminum plate that has already been coated with the bottom film, according to the design requirements, paste the words carved with reflective film onto the aluminum plate. Require regular lettering, clean surface, and no bubbles or wrinkles.

05 Inspection

Compare the already pasted logo layout with the drawing, and ensure that it fully corresponds to the drawing.

06 Installation

For small signs, the layout can be connected to the pillars in the manufacturing factory. For large signboards, the layout can be fixed to the column during installation to facilitate transportation and installation.