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Installing reflective rings in tunnels has a higher aesthetic value and is safer!
Source:Daoming Time:2023-11-29 Category:Industry Dynamics Reading:177


Such a time tunnel,

Is it filled with your childhood memories,

The magical Doraemon,

Shuttle through the time tunnel,

Can freely navigate through the past or future.

When you are still immersed in fantasies, the editor wants to tell you that such a "time tunnel" is actually right beside you. Its scientific name is "Tunnel Reflective Ring", which not only enhances driving safety but also improves tunnel safety. So, what kind of facility is a reflective ring?

Tunnel reflective ring



The tunnel reflective ring is made by combining reflective film and reflective substrate, utilizing the characteristics of wide-angle micro prisms to exert super strong reflective effect and improve the brightness inside the tunnel, especially in the case of power outage in the tunnel.