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Do you know the reason why the original factory only comes with one triangular warning sign, while experienced drivers usually put two
Source:Daoming Time:2023-11-29 Category:Industry Dynamics Reading:167

Usually, when a vehicle accident occurs on the road, we will see a triangular warning sign placed on the roadside. The role of this small sign should not be underestimated. The car triangle warning sign is a passive reflective body made of plastic reflective material. When the driver encounters a sudden malfunction, parking for maintenance, or an accident on the road, the reflective performance of the triangle warning sign can be used to remind other vehicles to avoid secondary accidents.



warning triangle


Generally speaking, when a driver discovers a triangular warning sign ahead, they need to go through a process of discovery, clearly visible warning signals ahead, taking measures to brake, decelerating, and avoiding. For example, a car traveling at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour typically requires at least 10.8 seconds of reaction time or a distance of at least 350 meters. This requires the triangular warning sign to have strong reflectivity, so that the driver can see it at the first time.

On regular roads, when a malfunction or traffic accident occurs, a warning triangle should be placed 50 to 100 meters behind the vehicle. On highways, warning signs should be set up 150 meters behind the vehicle; If encountering rainy and foggy weather, the distance needs to be increased to 200 meters. If an accident occurs while driving in a bend, warning signs should be placed before entering the bend to remind the vehicle entering the bend to avoid the faulty vehicle.

Kind reminder:

Triangle warning signs must be placed in the direction of oncoming traffic in the lane where the vehicle is parked, and cannot be placed in other lanes. Before setting up warning signs, be sure to turn on the dual flashing warning lights of the accident or faulty vehicle. During the placement process, one should hold a triangular sign in hand, with the reflective side facing outward and facing the direction of oncoming traffic. At the same time, pay attention to the vehicles on both sides and always pay attention to one's own safety. As an important vehicle tool for responding to sudden state warnings, the triangular warning sign has a small body and high energy. You treat her gently and she takes care of you comprehensively.